Announcement Best Practice funding 2023

Last changed: 18 January 2023

Welcome to submit your application for Best practice funding, in order to develop the quality as well as the content and pedagogics in teaching at bachelor and master level!

SLU are to conduct education based on scholarship or artistic practice and on proven experience (The Swedish Higher Education Act, Chapter 1, 2§). The faculty’s Best Practice funds intends to contribute to ensure that our teaching reaches the learning objectives stated for vocational programmes, as well as for general programmes and single courses.

Teaching staff at the LTV Faculty are hereby given an opportunity to competence development, by deepening their knowledge within a field, increase their knowledge about the industry – its conditions and students competence needs for a future professional life and/or to develop subject relevant pedagogics.

As one of four strategic initiatives from the faculty in 2023, funds are announced with thematic orientations according to SLU and LTV:s strategy:

1) Sustainability and
2) Digitalisation & technology.

The faculty allocates SEK 1,000,000 for this in 2023.

Who can apply?

Teaching staff at the LTV Faculty, regardless of position, can submit an application. Head of department or immediate supervisor is responsible for implementation of skills development, and must approve the application before submission. Teacher’s salary including surcharge can be covered using the standard cost SEK 25000 per week.

Application (max 2 A4 pages) should include the following:

1. Vision and background,
2. Strategic idea behind the application, supported by the learning objectives for the programme and course,
3. Implementation, schedule and budget.

Assessment of the applications are to be conducted based upon the themes for this year, by a preparation group consisting of the faculty programme director, a faculty board member, a teacher representative and a student representative, and will be decided upon by the Pro Dean according to the following criteria:

a. Level of contribution to the accumulated competence at the LTV Faculty based upon the needs within the teaching at the faculty,
b. Impact based upon the subject development at the LTV Faculty,
c. Impact based upon LTV Faculty collaboration with the surrounding society.

Reporting of granted projects

Granted projects are to be reported at the latest 31 December 2023, by:

• Summary of the project’s implementation and results in 2-3 pages (A4) that will be published on the web page for strategic initiatives at the faculty.
• Products or patents (when applicable)
• During 2023 or 2024 orally at the faculty’s education conference or in other similar context.


The application must be marked with Best Practice 2023 and SLU ID: SLU.ltv.2022.1.1.1-572 and be e-mailed to no later than 7 November 2022.

Decisions will be announced at the latest 15 December 2022.