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The forest sector's gender equality work in focus

Published: 06 May 2024
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The forest sector's gender equality council recently held its annual council meeting, where, among other things, decisions were made about efforts and activities to develop and support the forest sector's gender equality work.

Together with the Swedish Forest Agency, SLU forms the council's office and is represented in this work by representatives from the Faculty of Forest Sciences. The council has existed since 2022 and is a national forum for dialogue and collaboration with the aim of achieving an equal forest sector. In addition to being the council's office, SLU also runs the work within the working group on equal education.
- The Equality Council is an important forum for SLU to develop our own equality work in collaboration with the forest sector and at the same time we can contribute with knowledge based on the gender and gender quality research conducted SLU, says Elias Andersson, vice dean with responsibility for equality and equal opportunities at the faculty of forest science.

The equal education working group works, among other things, to increase the collaboration among forestry education at different levels, which has more directly resulted in a digital gender equality education for, among others, SLU students at the foundation year in forestry.
- That the sector can gather around this work gives a tangible weight to the issue and contributes to clarify what our students should expect from their future workplaces and vice versa, says Elias Andersson.


The decisions made were:

  • Common target: An inclusive forest sector free from discrimination and with the same power and conditions for everyone, regardless of gender, to become and be active, influence and develop
  • Common indicators regarding gender distribution that the council follows up annually:
    • Trustees in forest owners' associations
    • Owned Forest area
    • Participation in advisory activity
    • Pupils/students at agricultural colleges Forestry and higher educations
    • Machine operators, timber buyers and the top management team
    • Salary among employees
  • Focus on the work within each working group for Equal education, Equal working life and Equal forest ownership, as well as re-election for one year of the chairman of all three working groups.
  • Joint commitment for digital gender equality education aimed at agricultural colleges and forest entrepreneurs, which is developed by the Forestry Vocational Board (SYN).
  • Common knowledge platform and seminar series.
  • Working group to review working methods for the Equality Council.

The annual report can be read at (in Swedish)

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