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Fantastic presentations permeated the round table discussions in Alnarp

Published: 20 May 2024
High school students looking at a drone

SLU Youth Institute welcomed thirty high school students to Alnarp campus last week. High school students from Lund, Landskrona and Ystad got the opportunity to present their theses and answer questions during the round table discussions. There were exciting and very fruitful discussions about global challenges and possible solutions between the students, researchers and other experts who participated.

The experts who participated in on the round table discussions and assessed the presentations were incredibly impressed by the commitment and knowledge the high school students had managed to gather during the months they worked on the thesis.

"We are so incredibly happy to meet some of the students who participated in SLU Youth Institute during the year and to hear how much they learned about the global challenges that exist with secure food supply" - says Kristina Karlsson Green, program coordinator in Alnarp.


A group of students posing for photo outdoors
Group photo of the high school students participating in Alnarp. Photo: SLU Youth Institute

After their round table discussions, the high school students met representatives from the two unions that are located in Alnarp to learn more about what it is like to be a student at SLU and which programmes that are offered in Alnarp and at SLU's other campuses. After that, half the group went outside to get a lecture about how drones work and how they can be used to improve and facilitate agriculture. The other group learned more about how to produce protein from plants, an exciting experience at SLU Food Lab in collaboration with the Protein .

High school students looking at a drone
Some of the high school students learned more about how to use drones in agriculture. Photo: SLU YI

During the year, nearly 500 students from Landskrona, Malmö, Lund, Ystad, Uppsala, Lycksele, Strömsund and Umeå have been part of SLU Youth Institute and written about a global problem linked to secure food supply. By choosing a problem connected to a specific country, the students have had to immerse themselves in one or some of the complex challenges the world is facing and present sustainable solutions to these.

Of the students who wrote the thesis, more than a hundred have chosen to submit their theses in order to have the opportunity to be selected and thus orally present their chosen problems and solutions to experts during an afternoon on one of SLU's campuses.

The round table discussions in Alnarp are the second round of  discussions this year. At the end of April, a talented group presented their theses to experts in Uppsala and in a couple of weeks students from Lycksele, Strömsund and Umeå will present their theses at campus Umeå.

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