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Congratulations Stefan, SLU Aqua's newest doctor!

Published: 03 May 2024
Stefan Skoglund during his defense

On Friday, May 3, Stefan Skoglund successfully defended his doctoral thesis "Population regulatory processes in the Baltic salmon (Salmo salar)".

Salmon are home-loving. When they go to spawn, they not only return to the river where they grew up, they also go to the place in the river where they were born. This is shown by Stefan Skoglund, whose thesis provides us with new knowledge about the migration patterns of Baltic salmon.

If you don't take into account how spawning fish move, you can make incorrect estimates of how many new fish are born each year. Stefan hopes that his results can contribute to more reliable stock estimates.

– Some of the models we use in today's salmon management do not take into account the distribution of salmon within a river and then we risk introducing errors in our models, says Stefan.

Read more about Stefan's thesis in this news article.

Congratulations Stefan!


Stefan Skoglund, Doctoral Student
Department of Aquatic Resources, Institute of Freshwater Research, SLU, +46 10 478 45 44