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Join the biodiversity challenge!

Published: 21 May 2024
Stag beetle. Photo.

Are you a student or employed at SLU? Welcome to take part in the Biodiversity Challenge!

To emphasise the Biodiversity Day 22 May, we would like to challenge you all to take part in the Biodiversity Challenge. The contest started 2 May and we do hope all students and employees at SLU contribute to it this year!

The contest, internationally known as Biodiversity Challenge for ICA members, is a collaboration between 19 agricultural universities in 16 European countries. It starts May 2 and ends June 30. The universities are tasked with finding and reporting the wild species (not cultivated spieces) that occur on their respective campuses.

See how things are going for our different campus areas

Grab your collagues and class mates and go for a new form of treasure hunt and find as many different wild species as you can– the important thing is that you report them on 

Note that all five main campuses (Skara, Uppsala, Skinnskatteberg, Alnrap and Umeå) arrange activities during this period. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something new? 

More information and programme

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