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Basic fire safety training – spring 2024

Published: 23 April 2024
a man extinguish a fire, photo.

The Security Unit have collaborated with training provider DAFO to create a new model for the compulsory fire safety training for staff. The theoretical component takes place through an e-learning course, enabling greater flexibility as you can complete the training at a time that suits you. The practical component will take place on campus.

If you have recently joined SLU, or four years have passed since you last participated in basic fire safety training, you will receive emails from the Security Unit and training supplier DAFO. The email will contain instructions about the theoretical e-learning element, and how to register for one of the practical fire extinguishing exercises on campus in Alnarp, Umeå or Uppsala.

Tell your manager if you missed previous fire safety training. They can contact the Security Unit and register you for the autumn catch-up training sessions.

Managers at the other SLU sites will be contacted individually.

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