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It is now easier to describe agricultural science data in the SND research data catalogue

Published: 06 March 2024

SLU staff regularly publish data in the Swedish National Data Service's (SND) research data catalogue. Thanks to a collaboration between SND and SLU, it is now easier to describe agricultural science data in the catalogue.

When a dataset is published in the research data catalogue, it must be described so that it can be found and reused. To make it easier for researchers and environmental assessment staff to describe the data they publish, there are various research area profiles with customised metadata elements to choose from. There is now a new research area profile for agricultural sciences that includes information on the collection method (e.g. sampling, trials or experiments) and instruments.

About the Swedish National data service

The Swedish National Data Service’s main task is to support the accessibility, preservation and reuse of research data and related material. SLU is part of the consortium that runs SND and contributes to the development of SND's services, among other things by providing two of SND's so-called domain specialists are employed at SLU.

The task of the domain specialists is to monitor the development of research data management within specific subject areas (domains). SLU's domain specialists are experts in research data management within the climate and environment environmental area and are employed at Data Management Support (DMS) at the SLU University Library.

DMS staff also contribute by curating (reviewing and helping to improve) the datasets (and their metadata) that SLU staff want to publish in the research data catalogue, in order to increase the reusability of the data.