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"Empowering student ambassadors serves as the vital bridge..."

Published: 29 February 2024

To strengthen our network and feature the great outcomes of GCUA 2030 activities, we would like to share a quote from one of the member universities, this time from Ansung Kim, doctoral student at Örebro University, about the importance of student ambassadors in the network.

"Empowering student ambassadors serves as the vital bridge connecting the diverse tapestry of PhD students across the global network. At GCUA 2030, student ambassadors play a pivotal role, linking minds and ideas from universities to foster a community. Together, GCUA 2030 embodies the spirit of collaboration, driving sustainable global development through shared knowledge, innovation, and meaningful connections."

Ansung Kim
Doctoral student 
Örebro University 



GCUA 2030

Global Challenges University Alliance, GCUA 2030, is a network of university partners from across the globe with a common vision of contributing to sustainable, global development. GCUA 2030 offers a global learning forum for PhD students and young researchers providing a range of learning and networking activities. 


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