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Natural resource management and agritecture in focus for this year's IDA groups

Published: 20 September 2023
Roof top gardening, photo.

The application for Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) at SLU 2023-2024 closed before summer. Six applications were received and the selection committee was given the delicate task of selecting two of these.

The granted projects include eleven researchers from nine different departments, representing three faculties and Uppsala, Alnarp and Umeå locations. The total number of applicants included 33 researchers from 16 different departments and all four faculties at SLU.

The two selected applications and groups are:

Trade-offs and scale in natural resource management - developing an interdisciplinary adaptable research framework to inform policy-relevant conversations

  • Elisabeth Bolund, Department of Aquatic Resources
  • Verena Germann, Department of Energy and Technology
  • Adan L Martinez Cruz, Department of Forest Economics
  • Mahbubjon Rahmatov, Department of Plant Breeding
  • Erik Öckinger, Department of Plant Ecology

Food production and food security through agritecture: Interdisciplinary group on rooftop greenhouse technology

  • Marie-Claude Dubois, Department of Biosystems and Technology
  • Karl-Johan Bergstrand, Department of Biosystems and Technology
  • Sara Spendrup, Department of People and Society
  • Tobias Emilsson, Department of landscape architecture, planning and management
  • Paul B Becher,Department of Plant Protection Biology
  • Anders Larsolle, Department of Energy and Technology


Interdisciplinary Academy (IDA) at SLU is an interdisciplinary initiative that started in 2022. The core of IDA is interdisciplinary research groups that for eight months get the opportunity to develop their ability to work interdisciplinary together and in an inspiring environment. The goal is to increase knowledge about interdisciplinary working methods at SLU as a whole.

The IDA initiative is funded by the NJ Faculty and SLU Future Food and is in line with the faculty's strategy, which states that the faculty will strengthen the ability to process research issues from an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective and facilitate collaborations between different departments.

Interdisciplinary Academy has been initiated and is led by SLU Future Food, one of SLU's four future platforms, all of which are tasked with promoting interdisciplinarity at the university.

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