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Nordic conference for study counsellors and career counsellors at Nordic universities, in Uppsala

Published: 09 June 2023

Counsellors from universities in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden will meet in Uppsala 13-15 June. This conference, Discover Together Conference 2023, is arranged within the NUAS network, in cooperation between SLU and Uppsala university. We are happy to welcome 200 participants to a conference with interesting keynotes and group discussions. After the period of lock down due to the Corona virus, this is a unique opportunity to network in person, gain new perspectives and new knowledge.

Aim to strengthen relationships

One important aim with the conference is to build, widen and strengthen relationships with fellow professionals from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Faroe Islands. The conference is arranged after request from NUAS, The Nordic Association of University Administrators.

Perspective and transition from student to professional

We start out with a broad perspective on society at large and move on to discuss factors that affect the transition from student to professional, and the role of the counsellor. Moreover, the participants can choose between parallel sessions to gain new insights and take part in best practices from fellow professionals.

In addition, participants are invited to a welcome reception with opportunities to explore traditional student environments in Uppsala and a dinner at Norrland’s student nation.

The conference will be held in English and take place on-site in Uppsala, at both universities.