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Architect selected for the Western Node

Published: 11 May 2023
portrait of Paul Kvanta

Paul Kvanta has been assigned to conduct a preliminary study for the development of the Western Node area in Alnarp.

The Western Node is one of three nodes on the campus and comprises the buildings Vegetum, Horticum, Articum, Navet, and Biotronen. Akademiska Hus is responsible for investigating the area's conditions, both indoors and outdoors, and has now tasked architect Paul Kvanta from the company Ahrbom & Partner with conducting a preliminary study.

"During the study, we will analyze the existing buildings and their relationships, existing paths, movement patterns, and entrances, but also the needs and schematic design of additional buildings and landscaping," explains Paul.

Paul has had other assignments at SLU, including Ulls hus in Ultuna. But this will be his first in Alnarp, a task he is looking forward to very much.

"The Western Node is currently a quite fragmented and unclear place. It is important to create a cohesive environment that will be a worthy and clear entrance for everyone who in the future steps off the train at the new station. Like most others who have visited Alnarp, I am fascinated by the vibrant cultural environment and the beautiful landscape and am of course very happy to have been entrusted with helping SLU and Akademiska Hus with this complex and exciting task," says Paul Kvanta.

About the investigation and preliminary study

The investigation, which is part of the project to develop new facilities on the campus, is expected to be completed by the turn of the year 2023/2024 and involves the following:

  • Presentation of the building-technical conditions, risks, and opportunities, as well as a cost estimate for the project.
  • Strategy and timetable for how this can be implemented.
  • Simple volume sketch and rough placement sketch of the project.
  • Design concept for the outdoor environment, where the indoor and outdoor environments are to be connected to both the entrance, platform and other parts of the campus.
  • Local program that includes a description of the intended activities within the project, what type of facilities are needed, and what relationships are important.


About Paul Kvanta

Paul is 55 years old, raised in Skälderviken outside Ängelholm in northwest Skåne, and has been living with his family in Nyköping for twenty years. His great interests are music and architecture, or perhaps rather living environments in general. During his years as an architect, he has primarily worked on large renovation projects, often in culturally sensitive environments.

Paul Kvanta has been the house architect for the Swedish National Property Board for the eleven government quarters in Södra Klara in Stockholm since 2019. His first major project as a new employee was the work on KTH's main library, KTHB, in Stockholm. He has also been involved in several projects at Ultuna, not least Ulls hus, SLU's main building, but also ArtDatabanken and, currently, the renovation of the library, the Student House project.

Paul Kvanta is a partner at Ahrbom & Partner, an architectural firm in Stockholm with around 50 employees. The firm works on all types of projects, but primarily in the built environment, and has focused on sustainability since its inception. This was rewarded with the 2020 Kasper Salin Prize for the work on the renovation and restoration of the Culture House in Stockholm.


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