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AgriFoSe2030 emphasised in national newspaper

Published: 15 May 2023
Three women carrying wood in Africa.

In Nation Africa, the Kenya edition, AgriFoSe2030 has been emphasised in an article on small-scale farming and food security.

Increasing the budget allocation to support small holder farmers’ linkages with modern technology and research findings is critical, in their contribution of 80 per cent of the total food consumed within Sub Saharan Africa. - Text from article

This introduction for the Nation news article recently published sets the agenda for the content - the importance of small-scale farmers and their connection to global food security.

AgriFoSe2030 contributes with capacity building and capacity development through several local projects which improve the conditions of small-scale farming in areas vulnerable to climate change. 

“Bringing researchers and food production technology experts closer to the farmer will not only enhance communities’ self-driven capacity to produce enough for themselves, but it will also uplift their economic wellbeing through selling the surplus within well managed market forces, locally and internationally,” says Dr Sofia Boqvist. 


Read the full article in Nation Africa, Kenya Edition, here

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