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Important information regarding booking business trips

Published: 14 April 2023

As of 1 May 2023, your traveller profile must include a personal security question and your mobile phone number. Without this information, you will be unable to contact the travel agency.

The personal security question is compulsory and must be registered on your profile by 1 May 2023. You will not be able to book travel without one.
As part of SLU’s work with increasing security, we have introduced a personal security question that you will need to answer when contacting our travel agency by phone. You can set up the question in your traveller profile in the online booking system.

You will need to log on to your account and complete the question and answer in your traveller profile. Enter a short question and answer, then click save. Make sure to choose a question that are easy to remember and only you know the answer to.

You will be asked to answer this question when you call Stureplans Online.

Also check that the mobile number in your traveler profile is correct. You can check this by clicking on your user profile in the top right corner and then clicking on the box for personal information. The number needs to be correct in order for you to receive your tickets on your mobile and to receive updated information in the event of urgent changes to your upcoming trip.

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For questions related to your travel and the online booking system, contact

For questions related to your travel invoice, contact

For questions related to the environment and climate compensation, contact

To update your authorisation to book travel on behalf of others, contact

For help with the online booking system, please read the FAQs and the manual in the online system under Services.