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AgriFoSe2030 and partners train researchers on science translation and policy engagement

Published: 06 April 2023
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In order to bridge the disconnect between scientific findings, policy and farmers’ local needs, the AgriFoSe2030 programme in collaboration with researchers from Kyambogo University (Uganda), the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden) was organising a three-day training to build the capacity of African-based researchers in translating scientific research findings into policy and practice.

In many African countries, high-quality research with transformative potential remain confined to university libraries and are underutilised. Researchers often disseminate their findings through publications and academic conferences that are hardly attended by policy makers who are a central node in the utilisation of scientific results. To bridge this disconnect between researchers and policy makers, the AgriFose2030 programme in collaboration with researchers from the University of Gothenburg held a 3-day training on science translation in Kampala, Uganda.

The training was hosted by Kyambogo university and attracted researchers from different universities in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. The course focused on building the capacities of individual researchers, universities, national and regional research networks on linking research and policy, stakeholder mapping and engagement, policy landscape analysis, science communication and measuring research impact.

In his opening address for the training, the vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University, Prof. Elly Katunguka encouraged researchers to conduct solution-oriented research and support policymakers to develop evidence-based policies. While emphasising the need for contextually relevant research, he encouraged researchers to collaboratively identify community needs and leverage local knowledge for their research.

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Prof. Elly Katunguka, vice Chancellor of Kyambogo University delivering his opening address to participants. Photo credit: VC’s News & Communications, Kyambogo University

The training on Translating Science into Policy and Practice was held from 26 to 29 March 2023 and was funded by the Swedish International Development Corporation Agency (Sida).

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