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Important information about basement inventory and cleaning in the MVM-building

Published: 23 March 2023

A major cleaning of the basement in the MVM building on Campus Ultuna is now underway. Do you have belongings stored there? Then you need to mark them up by May 8! Items that are not marked after this date will be thrown away immediately.

Due to the current situation in the basement spaces, a proper clearing needs to be done to make room for material that needs to be archived.

Over the years, the basement corridor has been used as a storage area, which is not permitted due to fire and evacuation reasons. The warehouse with rolling shelves that we share with the Department of Water and Environment has become cluttered with both trash and former employees' belongings.

In order to get into phase, a large-scale clearing is now starting and therefore everyone who has things stored in the basement must mark the boxes with name, content and the date when the item can be thrown away.

Moving boxes are no longer allowed due to space reasons, and that nothing may be stored outside the shelves.

"Ämnesansvariga" have the final responsibility to mark what is to be saved and archived, which must be done before May 8th.

How should I do?

Download the Basement Inventory Form. Fill in your details in the form, then print it and mark your belongings with it. The deadline is May 8.


Questions? Turn to Danne!

Daniel Iseskog