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News from VH Faculty Board 8 February

Published: 06 February 2023

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The board decided to adopt a position description and launch the recruitment procedure for a professor of laboratory animal medicine, subject to approval by the vice-chancellor.

The board also decided to initiate the recruitment of an associate senior lecturer of large animal surgery.

A number of position descriptions for the future recruitment of senior lecturers were adopted.

Information items

Åsa Formo informed the board about the fundraising efforts at the faculty and SLU as a whole.

Dean Rauni Niskanen presented the process for the faculty’s 2024 organisation.

Anders Bjurstam, project manager, gave an update on the expansion of the veterinary medicine and veterinary nursing programmes, as well as the UDS-VH integration project.

The faculty’s financial officers presented the faculty’s financial report for 2022. The year’s profit and loss result is positive, amounting to SEK 6.5 million.

New VH appointment procedure aligned with SLU practice

A new SLU appointment procedure comes into force on 1 April 2023. The changes to these procedures affect the design of position descriptions for professors and senior lecturers at the VH Faculty. At the faculty board’s 8 February meeting, the deans informed the board about the faculty’s new procedures that are in line with the updated appointment procedure and practice at other SLU faculties.

The VH Faculty will no longer have docentship as a requirement to be appointed senior lecturer as this is not in agreement with the new SLU appointment procedure. In the future, docentship and training in teaching in higher education will instead be listed as assessment criteria in the position description.

In the position description for professors, the VH Faculty will adapt the requirement of having served as principal supervisor to align it with the new SLU procedures and the wording used in job ads at the other faculties. In the future, having served as principal supervisor will instead be listed as an assessment criterion in the position description.


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