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Surveys tell us how the websites are used

Published: 27 February 2023

Several web surveys are ongoing to gather information about user experiences on our website.

Email survey for staff web users

Some members of staff have received an email asking them to take a survey about the staff web. The survey includes questions about the existing functionality and potential future developments.

It is being run in parallel with an additional survey being emailed to web publishers and information owners. We hope this will teach us more about the sender’s perspective.

Pop-up survey on

A web survey on will be running for one month. The survey is available in Swedish and English and appears in a pop-up window for a selection of users. We are conducting the survey together with the web analytics agency Web Service Award to learn about visitors’ user experiences and obtain an idea of what we can include in future improvement work.

All responses are anonymous except when participants choose to include their email address. 

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