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Ultuna's new campus plan outlines a long-term direction

Published: 22 November 2023
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A green knowledge hub at the intersection of city and countryside, pointing the way towards a sustainable society. That is the vision for Ultuna's new campus plan, now approved by the vice-chancellor.

The new campus plan is valid for the period 2023-2040 and should be seen as a visionary document. The plan emphasises Ultuna's significance as a green environment for research, education, and innovation, but also as a place for meetings and recreation. SLU and Akademiska hus have collaborated closely in the development of the campus plan.

"I am very pleased that Ultuna's new campus plan is finally complete. It has been a very enjoyable project, and invaluable to receive input from all the engaged and knowledgeable students, staff, consultants, and others who have contributed to the development of the plan in various ways. I hope and believe that this plan will be of great benefit to Ultuna's continued development over the coming decades," says Johan Lindersson, SLU Infra, who has served as SLU's project manager during the process.

Discussions during the work have led to a structural plan - a development proposal showing where and how new environments on the campus can be developed. The plan is based on the current locations, with a focus on using, developing, and enhancing the campus area for SLU's needs in the coming decades.

"The plan proposes, among other things, a new street leading into the central campus area with operational buildings along it. These buildings would form a barrier against the fields around VHC and thereby protect the animals from too much environmental disturbance," says Johan Lindersson.

The process leading up to the final campus plan has been lengthy. The work began in 2017 in collaboration with Akademiska hus, but partway through, the decision was made to pause and await negotiations between Uppsala Municipality and the so-called Four-Track Agreement, an agreement covering new infrastructure and residential areas with a significant impact on Ultuna.

"Once the agreement was in place and work on the plan could resume, we were hit by the Covid pandemic, further delaying us. But in 2022, the work finally resumed in full force. Now that it is complete, we also hope to organise a small exhibition of the campus plan," Johan Lindersson explains.

The entire campus plan can be found here (Akademiska hus website)


About the process

  • The work on the plan has been driven through discussions, workshops, surveys, and meetings with staff, students, and other stakeholders.
  • The majority of the work has been carried out by a working group consisting of architectural consultants and staff from various branches, aiming for the broadest possible perspective and opportunities for anchoring.
  • A steering group led by the vice-chancellor has been involved throughout the entire process.

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