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SLU University Library highlights open science

Published: 16 October 2023
Collage of six photographs related to open science, with unlocked padlocks (illustrations) above each image. At the bottom there is text: "International Open Access Week 2023, Octob4er 23-29, #OAWeek".

To showcase the ongoing work with open science at SLU, the library invites everyone to a series of events in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala as well as online.

To highlight the value of open access to research results, the International Open Access Week is organised every October. Open Access Week 2023 takes place 23–29 October and in connection with it, the SLU Library is organising a poster exhibition, a webinar on the newly launched open access journal Snow Leopard Reports, as well as coffee and conversation with Open Science Uppsala. There is also an opportunity for researchers and environmental assessment staff to get help with getting started with open publication of both scientific articles and data.

Three questions to Linda Vidlund, Chief Librarian at the SLU University Library

Why should engage in open science?

For many years, the Swedish government as well as the EU have set the goal that all publicly funded research should be openly accessible, so one reason is of course that we are obliged to work with open science. But it is at least as important that open science is a prerequisite for achieving global sustainability goals.

How do we work with open science at SLU?

We have policies for both scientific publishing and data management that encourage open science. Today, 77% of SLU's scientific articles are published with open access, which is very positive.

What are the challenges?

- If we are talking about open access to scientific articles, it's really progressing by leaps and bounds. But for other publication channels, such as books and conference contributions, there is currently no support from SLU, and development at the national level is also slow.

How can we move towards more open science?

It will require efforts both from us at the library and from the researchers. An important piece of the puzzle is new types of national agreements with academic publishers, where Sweden and many other countries enter with the ambition to make all scientific publications openly available. This is also an important step in shifting the responsibility for open science from individual researchers to the university as a whole.

What happens at SLU during the Open Access Week?

  • All week: Open Access at SLU – this week and all other weeks (Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala)
  • 24 October: Get started with open science! (Umeå)
  • 25 October: Get started with open science! (Alnarp)
  • 25 October: Conversation and coffee with Open Science Uppsala (Uppsala)
  • 26 October: Get started with open science! (Uppsala)
  • 27 October: Snow Leopard Reports – an Open Access Journal at SLU (webinar)

For time, place and more information, see the library's calendar.

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