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Doctoral award ceremony 2023

Published: 19 October 2023

On Saturday 7 October it was time for the Doctoral award ceremony at SLU. During the ceremony 64 new doctors, 13 jubilee doctors and 6 honorary doctors received their degrees. The receivers of the Arvid Lindman Medal, the SLU Medals for Distinguished Service and the SLU Educational awards were also presented.

The doctoral award ceremony is SLU’s largest annual celebration. As always, the day was a magnificent white tie occasion, accompanied by processions and majestic music.

In her welcome speech, Vice-Chancellor Maria Knutson Wedel mentioned how the entire world is rapidly changing, both for the better and the worse. She also commented on how many of SLU’s subjects are hot topics with conflicting goals, subjects that require a systems approach, interdisciplinary research and dialogue. Something she described as hopeful was that we, as scientists active in these areas of responsibility, know quite a lot about what is actually required.

In this year’s honorary lecture, ‘Adding a piece to the leaf epidermis puzzle: Towards a better understanding of cell shape acquisition in plants’, Professor Stéphanie Robert described the extraordinary flexibility of plants and how thanks to their ability to grow continuously and adapt their physical form, they can modify their development to better cope with rapidly changing environments.

The doctoral degrees were conferred by faculty and the SLU medals for distinguished service, educational awards, and the Arvid Lindman Medal were also awarded.

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