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Environmental monitoring and assessment programmes announces development funds in 2023

Published: 16 September 2022

SLU's environmental monitoring and assessment (EMA) programmes announces funding for projects during the year 2022. The last day to apply is 26 of October 2022. Eleven of twelve EMA programmes announce funding in this call (not the eutrophication programme).

The proposed focus for the projects in this call are:

  • indicators for follow-up of the environmental quality goals / sustainability goals,
  • make available and / or increase the use of EMA data,
  • method development within EMA.

We encourage applications that contribute to SLU's strategy - sustainability, digitization and collaboration between different EMA programmes. Of particular interest are applications that are relevant to multiple programmes or strengthen the interaction between programmes.

At SLU, there are broad competence, extensive databases and well-established contact areas for stakeholders of various kinds. Through this call, SLU wants to encourage new applications and/or improvements in EMA. It is an advantage if the project is in demand by stakeholders and can contribute with new knowledge, new applications or takes place in collaboration. It is an advantage if the results can lead to future external assignments regarding EMA.

The applications are handled by the EMA program coordinators and will be presented for discussion with the external reference groups of the relevant programmes. Thereafter, the EMA board, the faculty board or the dean makes the final decision on the distribution of funds.

Funds that are announced are around SEK 600,000 per program and projects of SEK 100,000-250,000 are usually applied for. The announced project funds will be announced as a one-off grant during the year 2023. However, parts of the funds may be used during the year 2024, if there are special reasons for that. Preliminary reporting of projects takes place in November 2023 in SLU's reporting system. In addition to this reporting, the project ends by being popular science communicated (briefly state how in the communication plan in the application form). Scientific publication of the results is encouraged, but should take place outside the project.

The application is made in this form. In the form, those who apply for funding state the program or programmes for which the application is made (no more than 3 programs may be selected, but we reserve the right to redistribute the applications between the various programmes after the end of the application period if necessary.

In the event of any technical problems with the form, contact .

The last day to apply is 26 of October 2022. Decisions are expected to be announced at the end of January 2023. In the event of late or no delivery from the project, the faculty can withdraw funds.

Contact the respective program coordinator for any questions about the call: for contact information for coordinators and more information about each environmental analysis program, see .

/Responsible for the EMA at the four faculties at SLU – Pernilla Christensen, Johan Dicksved, Håkan Schröder and Jens Olsson

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