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Education for climate change transition

Published: 10 June 2022

SLU is one of nine higher education institutions that have been commissioned by the government to develop open web-based education to support society's transition in response to climate change.

The government announces that they are investing in a new state-funded skills boost for the climate to enable business climate change and the transition to a circular economy. The increase in skills aims to reduce unemployment and create conditions for developing tomorrow's circular and climate-smart solutions. SEK 17.5 million is set aside for the task of developing open web-based education to support society's climate change response.

It is gratifying that the government is investing in a skills boost for climate change and that SLU is one of the selected universities. The investment will be coordinated with several other universities, and now we are starting planning and coordination with the other universities, where Uppsala University has the main responsibility, says deputy vice-chancellor Pär Forslund.

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