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Apply for seed funding from SLU Global

Published: 25 August 2021

The aim of the call is to support SLU researchers or other staff in initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in line with the Policy for SLU’s global contribution to Agenda 2030 and SLU’s strategy 2021-2025. The initiatives should take a systems approach to development questions of importance for future sustainable life, where collaboration across disciplines is needed.

What can you apply for? 

SLU Global intends to fund transdisciplinary initiatives that contribute to one or several of the six priorities in the Policy for SLU’s global contribution to Agenda 2030 within one or several of the following three areas:

a) Science-based policy development, e.g. through research syntheses; creating space for researchers, policy makers and practitioners to meet; or science communication to facilitate use of knowledge among policy makers and practitioners. The initiative could produce syntheses reports, policy briefs, videos, web-based presentations, courses, seminars, workshops or similar.

b) Capacity development, e.g. through pilot studies, feasibility studies, consortium meetings to develop capacity development proposals to be submitted to relevant funding bodies.

c) Research and innovation, e.g. through literature reviews, pilot studies, feasibility studies, consortium meetings to develop research proposals to be submitted to relevant funding bodies.

Who can apply?

  • The main applicant should be employed at SLU.
  • At least one co-applicant should be based in a “least developed country”, “low-income country” or “lower middle income country” as defined in the DAC list of ODA recipients in 2021.
  • At least one co-applicant should be a practitioner or policy maker (e.g. within a farmers’ organisation, civil society organisation, business, government, or regional or international organisation).
  • A diverse team with regards to gender and career stage is encouraged.

How much can you apply for? 

Up to SEK 250,000. The funds can be used for staff costs and running costs during 2021 and 2022. The total amount available for the call is SEK 1,500,000.

How do you apply? 

Fill out the online application form and attach a completed SLU project calculation form and CVs (max 2 pages, or link to online CV) of all participants by 17 October 2021. 


Proposals will be assessed by an SLU Global assessment team that includes representatives from all faculties. Conflict of interest will be handled according to SLU guidelines.

Assessment criteria 

  • Relevance to the call.
  • Potential for impact.
  • Capacity of main applicant and partners to achieve the intended results.
  • Feasibility of the project plan including time plan and budget.


The funds will be transferred to, and managed by, the main applicant’s department.

A final report should be sent to by January 31, 2023. The report should include a description of the achievements in relation to the planned results and what will be the next steps; an economic report in relation to budget; publications, other relevant outputs, and photographs if relevant. SLU Global may use the reported material for communication purposes.

For questions regarding the call, please contact: 

We look forward to receiving your application! 

SLU Global intends to conduct a similar call annually, provided that the necessary funds are available.

Background information

Taking a systems approach entails recognising environmental, economic and social sustainability aspects and the complexity of systems with multiple components and connections occurring at the same time on different levels.

Transdisciplinarity according to SLU’s strategy 2021-2025 entails the crossing of boundaries between and beyond disciplines and the integration of knowledge and perspectives from various scientific disciplines as well as non-scientific sources.

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