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SLU to participate in Ladok project developing new database

Published: 14 April 2021

The Ladok consortium is developing its current interface by adding a new database for course and programme information. SLU has been selected to participate in the project and will be offering support during the development phase.

The new database will be used to handle all planning of programmes, courses, course instances and doctoral education. When the new database is ready for delivery, SLU’s own Slukurs database will be phased out, an eagerly awaited change as the system is becoming outdated.

“We have been lobbying for some time for Ladok to develop a joint planning tool for all higher education institutions, and we’re happy that SLU has now been selected to be a part of this project”, says Roger Pettersson, Head of Division at Learning and Digitalisation.

The plan is for SLU to switch to the new Ladok database by 30 June 2022. Those concerned will be receiving information continually to ensure a smooth transition.