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New design and increased functionality for Ladok Student

Published: 06 April 2021

Ladok Student is being updated with a new look and functionality. These changes will be implemented in the middle of April and will comply with the Act on the Accessibility of Digital Public Services. Ladok’s backend technology is also being updated.

All higher education institutions need to have transferred to the new interface before the 2021 autumn semester. SLU will start using the new Ladok as soon as the autumn semester application period has closed, so students can familiarise themselves with the service ready for the next semester.

The new interface has a clear welcome page. Here students can see their ongoing Ladok cases, such as course and examination registrations.

Ladok has also introduced a brand new page, ‘My Education’ that clearly displays information about the student, programmes and courses. It will also be possible to filter information so it displays all courses, completed courses, incomplete courses and credit transfers.

A new function for foreign qualifications – Emrex – has also been introduced. This service has been available for many years. However, it has been fairly anonymous at SLU. More information will be available soon.

Students can find out more about the new interface on the student web and via email. The Ladok website has an introductory video of the new interface.

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