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Published: 01 March 2021

SLU EDU Talks, SLU's podcast in higher education pedagogy, releases new episode. In this episode, we will talk about writing in higher education and more specifically writing across the curriculum.

Many students struggle with writing assignments during their time at university. University teachers often turn to educational developers in search of methods and ideas to help the students to develop in their writing. One way of helping teachers in tertiary education to reflect upon and work with the students on writing in the programs is to implement writing across the curriculum approach. 

In this talk, educational developers Alexandra D’Urso and Linn Areskoug will discuss a variety of entry points into implementing a writing across the curriculum approach into teaching in higher education. Alexandra and Linn will discuss overarching perspectives on teaching on learning at university in regards to writing, as well as share lessons learned from experiences at higher education institutions and writing project sites such as the Bay Area Writing Project at the University of California at Berkeley. 

  • Linn Areskoug, educational developer at the Department of Learning and Digitalization, SLU, and Senior Lecturer at The Department of Education, Uppsala University.
  • Alexandra D’Urso, educational developer at the Department of Learning and Digitalization, SLU
  • Moderator: Jan Stockfors, educational developer at the Department of Learning and Digitalization, SLU

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