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SLU - we have a result

Published: 16 February 2021

Between January 20 and February 5, all employees had the opportunity to respond to the staff survey 2021. And now we have the result.

Anna-Karin Olofsdotter, Human Resources Director says:

– Thank you to everyone who responded to the staff survey 2021 - what a fantastic response rate! Of 3 402 employees, 2 681 responded, namely as many as 79%. This result really gives us a picture of how we thrive at SLU.

The survey provides a measure of how satisfied employees are, which is summarized in an employee index (MI). Our MI 2018 was 68 and in 2021 our MI is 73.

– An employee index of 73 is incredibly gratifying and it shows that there is a lot of good work going on in our operations with the working environment. Now we, together with managers and employees, will dive deep into the results and see what works well and where we need improvement efforts. 2020 was a special year marked by the effects of the pandemic and we hope to learn from the experience of it.

The survey also measures the willingness to make recommendations (eNPS), which shows that many SLU members are proud and happy to tell others that SLU is a good place to work at. In 2018, SLU measured an eNPS of 1 and now we have a measured eNPS of 14. For pride of our educations, the figures are 8 in 2018 and 22 for 2021.

– It is fantastic that SLU's employees are increasingly proud of their workplace and our educations, says Anna-Karin Olofsdotter, HR director.

A staff survey is a way to take the temperature in the organisation, but the important thing is that we get the questions on the table and get the opportunity to continue to be an attractive place to work at, where many want to apply, and that everyone who works at SLU experiences that they are developing and want to stay.

The next step is now that the departments get their results presented (see dates below). After that, important work is started at department level to continue the dialogue about how we together develop SLU as a work place with equal terms.

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