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Vice-Chancellor's blog: Reflections on external collaborations

Published: 09 February 2021
Vice-Chancellor Mia Knutson Wedel, photo.

The newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, has published several articles, all of which address different elements of the forestry industry. The articles have also highlighted the various specialisations and attitudes held by researchers at SLU and the times where researchers are in disagreement.

This is what Vice-Chancellor Mia Knutson Wedel writes in her blog post. She continues:

Criticism has also been directed towards researchers’ links to the land-based sector. I have noticed that much of what has been written appears to focus on conflict – whereas I see this as a sign that collaboration is needed.

Click here to read the blog post (you have to scroll down a bit for the English version)

Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner, SLU.

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