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Election committee proposal (S)

Published: 04 October 2021

This autumn there will be an election of a new Faculty Board. The nomination committee's task has been to submit proposals to the ten ordinary members/deputies to be appointed to the faculty board for the period 2022 - 2024.

The nomination committee's proposal also includes candidates for the assignments as chair (dean) and vice chair (deputy dean) of the board.

The nomination committee's task has also been to take into consideration, subject distribution, geographical aspects, gender aspects and any other relevant factors, such as other committees at the faculty that require that the chair of a committee is a member or deputy member of the faculty board. The nomination committee has also considered the nominations received from the employees at the faculty in its final proposal.

The nomination committee has worked intensively during the autumn to develop the proposal for members of the new Faculty Board. We have strived for balance between younger and more senior researchers, between women and men, and between locations and research branches within the faculty. We have interviewed a large number of candidates and discussed with various representatives from the departments and committees at the faculty.

Base on this the nomination committee has decided to submit the following proposal for the composition of the faculty board regarding the term of office 2022 - 2024:

Chair (dean)Professor Göran Ericsson

Vice chair (deputy dean): Environmental Assessment Specialist Pernilla Christensen

Eight ordinary members/deputies

Senior Lecturer Elias Andersson

Professor Vilis Brukas

Senior Lecturer Frauke Ecke

Coordinator Charlotta Erefur

Researcher Rosario García Gil

Professor Ola Lindroos

Professor Torgny Näsholm

Researcher Johan Stendahl

Presentations of the candidates will be published on the Election web site no later than ten days before the election.

The nomination committee invites to additional nominations, read more here: Election to the Faculty Board

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