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Notes from LTV's Faculty Board on 2nd of September 2020

Published: 18 September 2020

Head of Department Ingrid Sarlöv-Herlin visited the Faculty Board and presented the Department of Landscape Architecture, Planning and Management.

Campus development

Ordering of new and/or rebuilding of premises is out for decision. The project will be run by the real estate department. The corona pandemic has raised new questions about the view of our future workplace and study place to take into account, it is becoming increasingly important with technology, wifi and recording rooms, etc. The business will not go back to what it was before but instead take care of the positive experiences from recent times. Distance education and distance work need to be supplemented with physical presence on campus for the tasks where it provides benefits both as an employee and student. The campus environment needs to be refined to strengthen these functions.

The Faculty Board's meetings in 2021

The Faculty Board meetings are planned for digital implementation in 2021, pending new decisions regarding the development of the pandemic.

It will also be planned for a digital information and dialogue opportunity between the faculty board and the employees.

The board decided on the following meeting dates in 2021:

1. 2021-02-03, 12.30-16.30

2. 2021-03-10, 12.30-16.30

3. 2021-04-14, 12.30-16.30

4. 2021-05-19, 12.30-16.30

5. 2021-06-16, 10.00-16.00, joint meeting FN / Heads of Departments, full day

6. 2021-09-01, 12.30-16.30

7. 2021-10-06, 12.30-16.30

8. 2021-11-10, 10.00-16.30, joint meeting FN/ LTV Board of Education,   morning

9. 2021-12-15, 10.00-16.30, joint meeting FN/Heads of Departments, morning


Senior post recruitment

It was decided on experts for the employment of a professor of landscape architecture with a focus on landscape management (SOL).

Allocation principles

Initial discussion prior to decision on allocation principles 2021.

The process will continue around this at upcoming meetings for decision at the November meeting.

Process update regarding the strategy work

A first draft is currently out for a first remittance to parts of the business.

Follow the work about our strategy.

Update on the corona situation

The campus presence for the employees is basically the same as during the spring and there is still a high degree of distance learning. On-site training on campus is carried out with recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency. The doctoral students' situation will be examined in particular.

Information about the fire in Alnarp on the 12th of August

Read more in the digital staff magazine on internet, Resurs. (this article is in Swedish only).


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