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Students’ union activities and measures to minimise the spread of the coronavirus

Published: 27 August 2020

Ahead of the autumn semester, Sluss has analysed how the students' unions have planned and taken measures to minimise the spread of the coronavirus among students.

The majority of students’ union activities will take place outdoors, without physical contact and with plenty of distance between students. Activities will take place in groups of no more than 50 people. There will be hand sanitiser available, in particular for indoor activities. Students’ union officials will be present to ensure that rules are respected; if not, they will interrupt activities.

To avoid queues forming, several unions have opted for serving students instead of them helping themselves to food. In some students’ union buildings, protective screens have been installed as well floor markings to ensure distance if queues should form. Any student who displays symptoms of illness will be asked to leave as only those without symptoms should take part in the welcoming activities.

Unions organising student pubs will keep the number of guests below 50, prior booking will be mandatory and there will be table-only service. Some unions have been in touch with the police and the municipality to find out what restrictions apply to the running of a pub or restaurant.  It is, after all, preferable that students socialise as part of union activities where officials can keep an eye on things, rather than in cramped student accommodation with no measures in place to minimise the spread of the virus. Students’ union officials have had training in how to handle people who are not sober, reducing alcohol consumption at students' union events as well as training in maintaining high standards of hygiene. This is also the case when there is no ongoing pandemic.


Marie Petersson, Sluss chair

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