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New call: SLU Future Animals Nature and Health provides funding for detailed analysis

Published: 04 May 2020
Green seedlings growing from a jar, photo.

If you are interested in interdisciplinary research with a future perspective, SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health offers an opportunity to apply for funding for a literature compilation in one of our thematic areas. The main applicant must be an SLU employee, but the analysis can be done in collaboration with external co-applicants. Applications are granted with a maximum of SEK 200,000. The application deadline is 14 August 2020.

SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health have a series of reports, publications contributing with in-depth knowledge and understanding on current and important topics within the "One Health perspective". The reports are written in a popular science format to reach a broad target group in the society, including researchers.

The objective for the upcoming period is to compile scientific literature analysis, which will form the basis for policy briefs (popular scientific summaries with recommendations within an area in order to serve as a base for discussion and decision making). The reports and policy briefs can be used to communicate national and international research to the benefit of society and to influence authorities and politicians at the national and regional level. 

We like to see a group of 3-4 people, working multidisciplinary and preferably have at least one external group member (outside SLU) working as a practitioner within the field. When the report is ready, the compilation of literature can also be published as a scientific review article.

Welcome with your application!

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