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Working from home: back up, video meetings and computer accessories

Published: 01 April 2020

We are in a time now when many more of us than usual work from home. We at the IT-department wish to share the following important information as well as some useful tips.

How to back up your files

Note: The following instructions apply to computers configured and delivered by the IT-department. If your department has an IT-manager who takes care of your computer, you may already have received information pertinent to your backup routine. If not, contact your IT-manager for instructions.

When you work from within SLU's network, your information is backed up automatically without you having to do anything. However, when working from outside of SLU's network, for example from home, backup does not work automatically. In order for you to secure your information from home as well, you need to do the following:

Make sure that you have VPN* installed

If you have an application in the Start menu called 'Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client' then VPN is installed on your computer.

Cisco symbol

If you cannot find it, there are instructions on how to install it on a variety of devices at the bottom of this page.

* Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology for creating a secure connection between two computers. SLU uses VPN to access internal resources within SLU's network such as file storage, printing and internal computer systems.

Start VPN once a day

Vary the time when you do this each the day. It is important that everyone does not this at the same time so that the IT-department's systems are not overloaded at certain times. When you start VPN a contact is established with the storage service and after about 5 minutes a backup of your information will start automatically. Don't forget to shut down the VPN program when you're done.

Check the status of your backup

You should regularly check when the last backup was performed. If you work with information that is critical, you should check this very often.
To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click the symbol with an up arrow that you find in the menu near the clock. (See picture)Open Sync Center
  2. Right-click on the round green symbol (Sync center).
  3. Select 'Open Sync Center'.
  4. On the page that opens you will find a field called Status and there is a date and time for when the last backup was performed. If it is more than a day then start a backup according to the next section.

Manual backup

If the automatic service has not started, you can start it yourself as follows:

  1. If VPN is not already running, launch 'Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client' from the Start menu and login.
    Cisco symbol
  2. Click on the symbol with an up arrow that you find in the menu near the clock. (See image above)
  3. Right-click on the round green icon (Sync Center).
  4. Select 'Open Sync Center'
  5. Right-click on the Sync Center icon again and select 'Sync All'
  6. Wait until it says 'Sync completed' in the Status field.
  7. Close Sync Center and shut down VPN.

Read more in the synchronization guide.

Synchronization conflicts

Conflicts may occur between files stored on the file server and those stored locally on your computer. It is important to resolve these, otherwise backups can be hindered. If a synchronization conflict occurs, the Sync Center icon in the taskbar displays an exclamation mark. Sync Center symbol

For more information see the 3 minute video guide. (in Swedish with optional English subtitles)

Video meetings

There are several options for video meetings at SLU. You do not need to use VPN to use these services.

We recommend the following systems as prioritized in the order below:
1. Teams
2. Skype for Business
3. Outlook video meetings
4. Zoom

More information about installation and use of these systems can be found here.

Accessories for your computer

We get many inquiries about the possibility of loaning computer accessories for use at home, for example screen, keyboard, mouse, web camera. We are unable to lend out accessories because we simply do not have them in stock.

If you work at home and need equipment, we recommend that you borrow what you have in your workplace at SLU.

Examples of what might be useful to lend home:
• Docking station
• Screen
• Mouse & keyboard
• Webcam
• Headset or headphones

Mobile data

If your home network does not work or does not have sufficient capacity, we offer via Telia an extended amount of data to surf via your cellphone for a limited period of time. You can connect your computer to the phone to access the internet. If you need to increase your surf amount, contact Telestöd at tel: 6600 or e-mail:

Pickup and delivery of IT goods

Our customer reception is open as usual for pick-up of ordered products. But if you are sick at home, you should obviously not come to work. You can request that your home address is entered directly at the time of order. If the order has already been placed, we can forward parcels already delivered to the IT-department to your home address. Please observe that in most cases, packages sent your home address are delivered to your nearest PostNord delivery agent. Contact tel: 6600 or e-mail: if you need help with this.


Please observe that IT-support is not permitted to help with private equipment or services such as, for example, connecting to your personal home WiFi network or connecting your privately-owned printer.

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