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Redistribution of work between employees

Published: 07 April 2020

Heads of department/managers responsible for the work environment have the right to redistribute work and are encouraged to re-staff from research and doctoral education to first- and second-cycle level education in order to support teaching.

Allocations of funding may be adjusted at a later date. Currently, there will be no more government funds.

Therefore, the message is: adapt. Do not cancel. Many conferences and other events have been cancelled, which provides time (increased resources) within the research field.

The Swedish Agency for Government Employers has signalled that the university may conduct tougher management during a crisis. This may even take the form of lending staff to other public authorities.

For more information, turn to your human resources officer.

The Swedish Agency for Government Employers - guidelines

Without internal ranking, it is about managing staff, borrowing staff members from other public authorities or recruiting new staff. 

“The employer has the right to manage existing staff as long as the basic employment does not change, i.e. within the framework for work duties. The interpretation of what this framework contains should be extensive right now, as long as the employee has the right qualifications for the work in question and the change is temporary,” states Hedda Mann, Chief Legal Officer at the Swedish Agency for Government Employers.