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How to run a business in a crisis

Published: 27 April 2020
Agripreneurship Alliance

For many companies, the Corona crisis has already left deep traces. In almost all low- and middle-income countries (also in high-income countries), the crisis have been a great challenge - especially for small businesses. Although, a lot that can be done with small efforts.

The key is to be able to change quickly as well as spot and seize new opportunities. It can be everything from reviewing the business plan, making a risk assessment, asking for help, contacting the bank and negotiating loan terms, using the digital media, and especially being creative, cooperate and collaborate.

The Agripreneurship Alliance has developed a presentation about Covid-19 and entrepreneurship in African agri-business that gives advice and good ideas on how to run a business in a crisis situation:

Managing the Business in a time of Crisis (PDF) 

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