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New tool for e-meetings and distance lecture via video

Published: 16 March 2020

SLU has got a new meeting tool, Zoom, which allows you as a teacher to hold video lectures online for your students. Zoom is also good for e-meetings and is well suited for the entire SLU when you want to meet digitally. 300 participants can participate simultaneously in a Zoom meeting or in a Zoom lecture.

Zoom for teaching

With Zoom, you can hold real-time video lectures over the Internet. You can share audio, use webcam and share your presentations on screen. You can also record your lecture so that students who are not present can view it at another time.
With Zoom, you can also create Breakout rooms where your students can discuss in small groups during the lecture.

Other functionality

Easy screen sharing with annotation capabilities and the possibility to work with a shared whiteboard.

For group exercises and discussions in smaller settings, use the possibility to split up the main meeting into so-called breakout rooms.

Create polls to be answered during the meeting, share the result with the participants, and create a report.

How do I get access to Zoom?

Alls staff and students can use Zoom.

Visit Sign in with your SLU account through the option Sign In with SSO.

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If you need help getting started with Zoom or have any thoughts on functionality, contact The Division of Learning and Digitalisation by emailing