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Follow-up of SLU’s university-wide environmental objectives

Published: 06 March 2020

SLU has university-wide environmental objectives relating to energy usage, business travel, purchasing, education and environmental monitoring and assessment. It also has a vision of being climate neutral by 2027.

How have things gone? The annual follow-up of the environmental objectives is finished, and things are looking good for many objectives. SLU travel emissions have been reduced by a substantial 30 per cent for every full-time equivalent employee since 2013. In regard to domestic flights, emissions have been reduced with 28 per cent. Most of the education and environmental monitoring and assessment objectives will expire 2020, and it looks like all sub-objectives will be met. For example, 80 per cent of students stated in course evaluations that they think that sustainability has been integrated in the courses they take.

Additionally, environmental objectives relating to purchasing have been met. Environmental risk analyses has been made for all procurements that resulted in agreements with starting dates in 2019. In eight of these cases, the analysis resulted in specific environmental requirements in each procurement.

More information regarding follow-up of our environmental objectives can be found on our web page.

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