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Notes from LTV's Faculty Board on 7th of October 2020

Published: 26 October 2020

This time there was a presentation of "NextFood - transforming education to develop sustainable food systems".

Martin Melin, coordinator, introduced project NextFood, which finances within the EU research fund Horizon 2020. The project will create the pace of innovation for new sustainable solutions in the area of food and agriculture where competence development is an important factor. The various actors in the food chain, including students, are involved and in the long run it is intended that the project will produce concrete proposals for new forms of education

Senior post recruitment

It was decided on experts for five employments.

Allocation principles 2021

Continued discussions prior to decision on November meeting.

Strategy discussion after the first consultation round

Follow the work about our strategy.


Preparatory discussion were held before deciding on collaboration assignments to the Unit for Collaboration and Development further ahead.


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Members of the faculty board