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Soon in a mailbox near you: Outlook invitations to the 2021 external environmental audit

Published: 15 October 2020

During October, the environmental coordinators will be sending out Outlook invitations for next year’s external environmental audit. The audit will take place during two weeks, 8–19 February. We will then make the move from 11 environmental certificates to one, for all of SLU!

It will be two intense and fun weeks. As SLU is spread over several locations and operations vary, a lot will be required of the three auditors from the certification body Rise and all parts of our organisation that will in some way be involved.

In total, the three auditors will be auditing 90 different sites/units during the two weeks. The auditors will pay physical visits to Umeå, Alnarp, Uppsala, Lysekil, Skinnskatteberg and Grimsö. As the number of auditors and days is limited, and with many units to audit, part of the audit will be digital. We already know that the introductory and concluding meetings will be digital. All physical visits will be planned to take into account the risk of spreading the virus and in accordance with any restrictions that apply at the time. Do not hesitate to contact your environmental coordinator or the Environmental Unit if you have questions on the audit.

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