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Head of the SLU University Library new National Librarian

Published: 20 May 2019

Karin Grönvall, head of the SLU University Library, has been appointed as the next head of the National Library of Sweden. Karin has been at SLU since 2015, and has, among other things, been involved in developing the library's support for researchers through new collaborations.

On Thursday the 16th of May, a press conference announced that the head of the SLU University Library, Karin Grönvall, will take over as National Librarian after Gunilla Herdenberg. Karin will take up the new position in August this year.

When describing her years at SLU, Karin emphasizes the drive and openness of the SLU organization. She also emphasizes the atmosphere of the library.

- The library is characterized by warmth and consideration for each other, which makes it a fantastic workplace!

As head of the library, Karin has been instrumental in incorporating the Unit for Data Management Guidance and Development and the Data Curation Unit (DCU) into the library. Both of these units work to support researchers with data management. During her years at SLU, the library has also undergone a major and thorough organizational change.

- It is a good time to leave right now, Karin says. The library organization is stable, we have four fantastic department heads and the staff group is committed and enthusiastic.

As National Librarian, Karin will become head of the Royal Library, Sweden's national library. The Royal Library is, among other things, responsible for coordinating the Swedish library sector, for example by negotiating central license agreements and collecting, preserving and making all published material in Sweden available. For that reason, the library also takes an active role to promote the digitization of both new publications and older material.

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