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SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment program Biodiversity announces development aid

Published: 19 December 2019

SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (EMA) program Biodiversity announces funding for projects during 2020.

Priority is given to projects:

  • aimed at developing new or existing methods within EMA
  • aimed at developing data applications and/or increasing data quality, inclusive databases,
  • which increase cooperation within SLU and/or with external partners,
  • contributing to decision-making basis for stakeholders.

Applications are granted maximum SEK 100,000 each. The closing date of this call is 20 January 2019.

Project funds are announced as a one-time grant in 2020, parts of the funds may, however, be used in 2021, if special reasons exist. The applications will be discussed with the external reference group, after which the program coordinator will submit a proposal for a decision to the faculty board. Decisions will be announced in February 2020. Payment of funds will take place following the decision.

Successful candidates must report the results of their projects in three formats:

  • in the digital form at EMA:s webpage, preliminary reporting in November 2020, final reporting in January 2021,
  • as written report to the program coordinator, with deadline 31st of January 2021, and
  • as presentation of the results for the external reference groups of the program.

The project leader should also contribute with material to the program coordinator to different follow-ups, e.g. at the faculty board. Scientific publication of the results is encouraged, but these grants cannot be used for publication costs. In case of late or no delivery, the Faculty may withdraw funds.

The application form is available here.

The form should be opened in the Internet Explorer (for PC) for full functionality. We encourage applicants to write the application text in Word, and transfer the text to the electronic form before submission. In case of technical problems with the form, please contact Mikaela Asplund:

Contact program coordinator Pavel Bína ( for any questions about the announcement.

More information about the EMA program Biodiversity.


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