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New booking system for teaching premises and group rooms

Published: 02 December 2019

At SLU, we are currently replacing our booking system for teaching premises and group rooms. KronoX, the current booking system, will only be in use until 1 January 2020. As of 2 January 2020, we will instead be using TimeEdit.

The new system will be implemented in several steps. Moving all bookings from KronoX is the first step. Once TimeEdit is implemented, it will support the following:

  • Workforce management (TE Plan)
  • Preference collection (TE Preferences)
  • Scheduling and resource management (TE Core)
  • Exam scheduling (TE Exam)
  • Schedule viewer (TE Viewer)
  • Resource reservations (TE Reserve)
  • Pricing (TE Pricing)
  • Analytics and reporting (TE Report)

Please note that until the end of December, all information on the staff web (e.g. under Support & services -> Buildings and rooms) will be changing to cover TimeEdit rather than KronoX.

Students will shortly be informed about the changes that come into effect as of 2 January 2020, e.g. how to proceed when booking a group room in TimeEdit. They will also be informed about one of the main objectives of the TimeEdit project, which is that all students should have access to a complete and digital TimeEdit schedule.

More information on the TimeEdit project is available on the project website (in Swedish only).

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