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Increased collaboration and utilisation of research in the food system

Published: 05 November 2019

Formas announces grants to support collaboration and transformation of research results to practice with the purpose to creating a competitive and sustainable food chain in line with the goals of the Swedish food strategy.

The Call aims at enabling activities that bridge knowledge into practice in the food system. Researchers, public organizations, private companies, industry associations and other organizations that are approved by Formas as administrating organizations are eligible to apply for grants.

Activities that may be funded can, for example, be targeted communication activities, activities on innovation and utilization of research, or grants for relevant network and meeting fora for researchers and practitioners. Proposals should be based on on-going or recently finished research, or be innovative communication initiatives that increase knowledge for relevant target groups.

Application deaedline 2019-11-25 kl 14:00.

See current calls at Formas' web site for more details >


What can you apply for?

You can apply for a grant that supports collaboration in the food system, and for a project that aims at turning research results into practice, with the goal to create a competitive and sustainable food chain.

Who can apply?

Researchers, public organisations, private companies and industry associations. At least one researcher participating in the project must have a doctoral degree. Special regulations on provisions on de minimis aid are applied for private companies in this call.

How much can you apply for?

You can apply between 50 000–500 000 SEK for a project that can last up to one year.

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