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Information about the transition to new Ladok

Published: 02 February 2018

The new Ladok will be operational as of the week starting 14 May, and Ladok will be closed between 8 and 20 May. This will affect a number of activities at SLU, and this email is to inform you about what you need to before and after the migration.

Important dates
  • 15 March – last day for entering modules for autumn 2018 in Slukurs
  • 4 May – last day for reporting results, handling certificate applications, registration and examination dates
  • 21 May – new Ladok launches
  • 22 May – student interface opens
Before and after the transition
  • All ongoing reporting of results must be concluded in the present version of Ladok before the new one is launched. Results that have not been finally reported by 4 May must be entered again in the new Ladok after 20 May. Results that are entered in the new Ladok will be transferred automatically. Make sure to clean out any lists that are not up-to-date.
  • Web registration on courses for students will close on 4 May. You can open web registration earlier for courses that start late in the semester, to make it possible for students to register. Web degree applications will be closed.
  • Ladokping closes on 4 May; this only affects a few users. It means you will no longer be able to see credits students have acquired at other higher education institutions during this period.
  • Examination dates will be moved to new Ladok. Any examinations the student has registered for in My studies before 4 May will not be transferred to new Ladok. Remind the students to register again in new Ladok after 20 May.
  • Modules for autumn 2018 must be entered in Slukurs no later than 15 March. The information available in Slukurs on 15 March is what will be displayed during autumn 2018. New Ladok works in a different way, making any changes more difficult to handle.
  • All ongoing activities regarding degree certificates must be closed before 4 May.
  • Do not work in the NyA client during the migration period 8-20 May. If necessary, you can assess qualifications, but late admissions are not possible. Also, no admissions from the waiting list on the NyA web should be made during the same period.

New Ladok also has a new interface for students, which will replace My studies. The students will be informed about this by email before the migration to new Ladok.


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