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Development aid for EMA programs

Published: 18 December 2018

SLU's Environmental Monitoring and Assessment programs Forest, Wildlife and Climate, coordinated by the Faculty of Forest Sciences, announces funding for projects aimed at developing methods or data applications, the development of the Environmental Monitoring and assessment and / or contributing to the requested decision-making basis for different stakeholders. At SLU there is broad competence, extensive databases and well-developed contact areas to different stakeholders and their needs. Through this call, the faculty wishes to encourage new applications in the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment area and increase cooperation both internally and externally.

The applications will be presented and discussed with the external reference groups of the programs, after which the EMA board of the S-faculty will submit a proposal for a decision to the faculty board. The announcement process is in itself of great value, as it contributes to a dialogue with the audience about the development and focus of SLU's environmental analysis.

Project funds comprise 500 kkr for Forest (equivalent to one to three projects), 475 kkr for Wildlife (equivalent to 1-3 projects) and 500 kkr for Climate (corresponding to 1-3 projects) and are announced as a one-time budget in 2019. Parts of the funds may, however, be available in 2020, if special reasons exist. Scientific publication of the results is encouraged, but should be done outside the project estimate.

The application is summarized in the digital form that you can access at Sharepoint. 

The form should be opened in the Internet Explorer browser for full functionality. In case of technical problems with the form, please contact

The closing date of this call is 28 February 2019. Decisions are expected to be announced on April 1, 2019. Payment of funds will take place with decision on grant. In case of late or no delivery, the Faculty may withdraw funds.

Contact program coordinators for any questions about the announcement: Anna-Lena Axelsson program Forest and Wildlife (, Johan Stendahl program Climate (

For more information about the respective Environmental Monitoring and Assessment programs, see

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