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What is academic leadership

Published: 18 October 2018

Vice-Chancellor Peter Högbergs writes on Rektorsbloggen about academic leadership. What is that? What does it really means and what does it include?

Peter writes:

But what does academic leadership really mean and what does it include? The answers are neither simple nor obvious. Organisational psychologist Anders Risling says it’s rather a case of leadership within academia that is the issue. Experts also make a distinction between managers and leaders, and it is an important one. Naturally, efficient and good managers are essential. 

But academic leadership must also promote the quest for new knowledge in research and first- and second-cycle discussions on knowledge with and among students. 

In reality, this becomes complicated due to the flow of different people and personalities within a group and department. However, academic leaders must keep trying to promote strong development of both individuals and environments, and lead discussions on operational visions.

Read Peter's article here. Scroll down for English version

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