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Survey of the staff web

Published: 19 October 2018

From 19 October and 3-4 weeks forward, a web-based survey will be conducted on how the staff web works and is experienced by SLU employees.

The survey appears as a pop-up dialog box on the staff web’s start page that you can respond directly to. If you cannot answer right away you can minimise the box to return to the survey later on.

When you have answered the questions or if you say no to participate, the dialog box will not appear again. If you said no but change your mind, you can reach the survey via this link instead:


The answers will be processed in a report by the company carrying out the survey, Userneeds, and will be presented in December.

Many of the questions in the questionnaire are standard questions that are also put in studies of other universities' intranets, while some of the questions are adapted to us at SLU.

A question towards the end of the survey is open, with a freetext field where you can make your own suggestions for improvements.

Take the opportunity to express your opinions and contribute to the development and improvement of the staff web!

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