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The Swedish EPA awards two projects to the department

Published: 12 January 2018

The projects are 'Ecological Compensation Pools in the Agricultural Landscape' and 'To buy or not to buy', on sustainable transport.

Katarina Elofsson has received 4.4 Million SEK for ECOPAL. The purpose of the project is to investigate the efficient design of a Swedish policy for ecological compensation in the agricultural landscape, and to suggest a scheme for the implementation of ecological compensation pools that help to secure biodiversity.

And Justice and Efi (with Rob as project coordinator) have received 2.3 million SEK to research vehicle demand and policy for sustainable transport. The objective of the project is to investigate what policy instruments are appropriate in order to achieve a transition to zero emissions from private vehicles, paying particular attention to the best way to influence household choices regarding vehicle purchase. The project has two parts: (i) investigating the effects of implicit subsidies to car owners such as free parking, and policy options to remove such subsidies, and (ii) investigating spatial patterns in adoption of electric vehicles, and policy implications.

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