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Efthymia Kyriakopoulou joins the Department of Economics

Published: 19 January 2018

Eventhough Efi has now work a few month we are happy to learn a bit more about her. She will be working in the Environmental and Natural Resource research group.

-       How come you applied for a position at the department of economics?

Being an environmental economists, the department of economics at SLU seemed (and proved to be) an attractive and stimulating workplace. I look forward to collaborating and interacting not only with people in my group (environmental economics) but also with everyone at the department who is interested in environmental policy and sustainable development issues. I enjoy working in interdisciplinary groups and I think that SLU can provide several opportunities of conducting interdisciplinary research focusing on sustainability issues.

-       Who will you be working with and what projects will you be involved in?

Rob, Justice and I recently got funding from Naturvårdsverket to investigate policies that are appropriate in order to achieve a transition to zero emissions from private vehicles, paying particular attention to the best way to influence household choices regarding vehicle purchase. The project is called “To buy or not to buy? Vehicle demand and policy for sustainable transport”. In the rest of my ongoing research, I use the theory of social and economic networks and spatial economics to design environmental policy instruments in order to study issues, such as sustainable resource use, environmentally-friendly consumption choices, and urban structures under different environmental externalities.

-       Quick questions:

Morning person or night owl? Morning person!

Tea or coffee? Good, strong coffee. Soon after I moved to Sweden, in 2011, I realised that I had moved in the right country.

Sweet or savoury? Why not both? :)

Books or magazines? Books! I usually find magazines boring.

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