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Ultuna 2040 – what will it look like?

Published: 01 September 2017

What will characterise Ultuna in 2040? Which environments need to be developed? Who will be here? If you have thoughts and ideas on this, and want to contribute to Ultuna’s vision for 2040, welcome to the workshop on 28 September at Loftet.

During the past years, Ultuna has been reconstructed, and there are now ultramodern research and teaching premises for all SLU operations. The National Veterinary Institute (SVA) can also be found in the area. Furthermore, business and innovation environments are being developed in the Green Innovation Park. Uppsala municipality are also planning to build housing in the southern part of the city and expects large growth, which means Ultuna 2040 will be an integrated part of Uppsala.

Ultuna has a great opportunity to be more than an appealing environment which attracts curious, knowledgeable people who want to study, work, live or run sustainable businesses. We need your help to formulate a vision based on the great challenges and development needs that our world is currently facing. Your contribution means a lot to us.

Apply here on 8 September at the latest.


Peter Högberg, Vice-Chancellor of SLU Peter Bohman, Regional Director, Akademiska Hus Jens Mattsson, Director-General, SVA Sara Brännström, Operations Manager Green Innovation Park

If you have any questions or comments but cannot participate in the workshop, please contact

And don't forget to apply here on 8 September at the latest

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